Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

UVSS is the cautious and ingenious step towards vehicle surveillance. Monitoring of underside/under carriage of the vehicle was the main adversity faced in the vehicle surveillance, which is critical because explosives and other potentially hazardous objects can easily be hidden under the vehicles. Manual checking using the mirror consumed time and disturbed the traffic flow. By the entry of UVSS now we can monitor the under area of the vehicle in the running state itself, i.e., without stopping the vehicle.

First UVSS system senses the approach of a vehicle and invokes the system surveillance components. The scanner camera (two to four in numbers) will capture the high resolution images of the undercarriage of vehicles. The number plate and the driver pictures also be captured using the properly positioned cameras. The bright LED provided with sensing camera will allow it to capture clear image of the vehicle even in the night times without any additional lighting. Later data from the sensing units are sent to the processing center through underground concealed cabling where monitoring and recording have been done.

UVSS can be absolutely an efficient solution for corporate offices, military facilities, transportation facilities and other governmental institutions—wherever complete vehicle monitoring is required.