Industrial automation has become an essential part of every industry. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an industrial digital computer. Plc is designed and customized for industrial automation. Our industrial automation course helps students gain in-depth hands-on experience in industrial automation.
Automation helps industry to increase the quality, accuracy and precision of industrial processes. It helps increase productivity. The need for automation will always increase. The automation industry creates many job vacancies. It covers the entire manufacturing and processing sector.


Our industrial automation training starts from the basic level and ends up at an advanced level. We deal with multi-brand of Equipment and controllers. All the brands’ industries currently using.

Allen Bradley
Mitsubishi Electric
Schneider Electric

Rockwell Automation
Mitsubishi Electric
Wonderware Schneider
Factory Talk View Studio
Factory IO

  • Architecture of industrial controllers and Their Different Modules
  • Programming of controllers
  • Memory mapping (IO addressing)
  • Connection (communicate), upload, download, and monitoring the Process to the Controller
  • Digital and Analog Addressing
  • Analog scaling
  • NO/NC Concept, Forcing I/O
  • Basic and advanced level programming with instruction and concepts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Selection of controller
  • Interconnection (communication with peripheral)
  • Engineering station design
  • Monitoring and Control of Process.
  • Role of SCADA in Industrial Automation
  • SCADA System Configuration, RTU, Communication Protocols
  • Tagging Internal & External with link.
  • Script Programming
  • Real-Time and Historical Trend
  • configuring Alarms
  • PLC Interfacing(communication include OPC)
  • Communication with other Software(DDE)
  • Recipe Management.
  • PLC Wiring and Fault Correction
  • Power Supply Unit, external Peripheral
  • Components Installed in a Panel
  • Wiring Details of Panel
  • Physical Dimension of Components with Specification
  • Electrical panel and P&I Diagram
  • Electrical panel and Control Drawing
  • Standard Procedures with Earthing and Cabling a Panels.
  • Safety And Management Concepts Of Designing A Project
  • Wiring And Commissioning for a complete automation station.
  • Wiring And Fault Correction
  • Peripheral Device Connectivity
  • standalone Panel designing
  • centralized and decentralized panel arrangement
  • Panel arrangement ideology.
  • Starter for 3 Phase Motors DOL, Star-Delta, Forward reverse.
  • Functions and installation of Starters and Variable Speed Drives in a panel.
  • Contactor and relay arrangement
  • Protection and measuring and metering unit installation.
  • Motors Construction Operating
  • Power consumption calculation and selection of panel
  • Contactor, MCB, MCCB, ELCB, ACB,SDF Etc
  • Relays and its types
  • Latching and unlatching ideology.
  • Start and stop with 2c and 3c.
  • Preprogrammed Controllers – On/Off, Proportional, Derivative, Integral and PID Control
  • Control Circuits Using Contactors, Relays, Timers Etc.,
  • Automation system using the only Relay and external preprogrammed controllers
  • Standalone system design.

DCS Data File Handling

  • Security Levels Access.
  • Generating Report.
  • Interfacing with Controller.
  • FIO, industrial simulation.
  • Need of OPC
  • Structure of OPC
  • Protocol
  • multi-brand integration
  • Brand value
  • Communication importance.
  • Communication Standards- DF1, Ethernet, DH45, RS232, RS485, Profibus
  • operator station design
  • Operator Interfaces Types
  • Textual, Graphical, animation
  • Interlocking tagging.
  • HMI assembling and Wiring
  • HMI Data Handling
  • Configuration And Interfacing To PLC And PC
  • Control Station Field.
  • Human Interface Station
  • Display Panels Operation
  • Human Interface System Utility Functions
  • Human Interface Station Configuration
  • Principle of Starters and Variable Speed Drives, soft starters.
  • Electric Motors Types.
  • Configuration And Installation Of VFDs
  • Motor Drives- AC Drives And DC Drives
  • Drives Types.
  • Drives Architecture.
  • Speed Control Using VFDs
  • Signaling.
  • Different Modes Of Control the VFDs
  • VFD connects with PLC through field and communication.
  • Filter installation.
  • Selection

Control Panel Designing and Wiring

  • Panel and its type.
  • Architecture Of DCS
  • Comparison Of PLC With DCS
  • Programming Languages For DCS
  • Different Types Of Cards And Their Functions


  • smart field devices
  • industrial Controller
  • Drives and system operation control
  • Visualization
  • Interfacing devices
  • Remotely accessing methodology (include IIOT, HART etc.,)Power and control wiring.



Industrial automation course cover the topics and exposure to students which enable them to become a automation professional. Any industry with automated machinery is looking for an automation engineer. These automation engineers are responsible for maintaining their automated machinery without any breakdown.

Manufacturing industry
Petrochemical industry
Food processing industry
Automobile, industry
Marian industry
Ship build

 Industrial Automation engineers Job Responsibilities

Testing of automated machinery
Processes in an industry.
Our Automation course includes 6 topics
Relay logic
Industrial controller
human interference unit
System visualization
System drive
Integration includes a control panel.

ing industry
These are some of the Important sectors where automation engineers have job openings.


Automation engineer
Automation System designer
SCADA programmer
PLC Programmer
Application Engineer in Automation field.
HMI screen developer
VFD configure these are some important job roles you can expect.

  • Basic Of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation
  • Understanding For Automation & Control System
  • Job opportunity for PLC / SCADA
  • History of PLC / SCADA
  • Basic Components Of Automation
  • Hardware / Software Classification Of Automation
  • Introduction to PLC
  • Need of PLC in Designing
  • Architecture of PLC
  • Application and Advantage of PLC
  • Automation Concept And Basic Design
  • PLC Programming
  • Introduction of Ladder Logic
  • Introduction of SFC
  • Introduction of Instruction list
  • Creating & Editing Ladder Logic Program
  • Different Types Of Sensors-Sinking, Sourcing, NPN, PNP
  • NO/ NC Concept
  • Interfacing PLC With Various Field Input/Output Devices
  • PLC Fault Finding, Trouble Shooting
  • Forcing I/O’s
  • Detailed Sequence of Wiring
  • PLC Control Panel Wiring
  • Interfacing With Relay Logics
  • Introduction to SCADA
  • Creating & Editing Objects
  • Creating Database / New SCADA Project
  • Standard Graphics Objects
  • Buttons, Sliders, Pipe Connections, Civil & Mechanical Parts
  • Display And Application Windows
  • Creating And Editing Tags
  • Animation Configuration
  • Text And Text Control
  • Wizards
  • Graphs, Bar Charts
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Trends- Real Time & Historical
  • Database & DDE Connectivity
  • Driver Configuration
  • Live Interfacing With PLC
  • SCADA & PLC Interface
  • Alarm / Events Configuration
  • Report Generation
  • Data transfer from PLC/RTU, Report Generation
  • Different types of operator Interfaces – Textual, Graphical
  • Connection Wiring of HMI
  • Data handling with HMI
  • Configuration and Interfacing to PLC and PC
  • Communication Standards
    • DF1
    • Ethernet
    • DH45
    • RS232
    • RS485
  • Different Types Of Panels
  • Basic Components To Be Installed In A Panel
  • Wiring Details Of Panel
  • Specification And Physical Dimension Of Components

The automation training from Ambit offers 100% placement support. We conduct regular training, crash course, short-term training & 4 months of training. 

Why automation course from Ambit Automation Training Institute?

We cover a vast range of topics under automation courses. This helps students to get detailed hands-on exposure in all advanced plc and SCADA systems. Our international certification enables students to get job abroad and in India.

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Gireesh Vl
Gireesh Vl
I completed my training in oil and gas piping. I trained in NDT,QC and Piping. I got practical exposure in above topics. Safe and healty practice make me a knowledgeable person. Knowledge in Welder qualification test, WPS, etc I got from the training. I also learn ISOMETRIC DRAWING,GAD,P&ID very well. Trainers are experienced and knowledgeable person. Thank you Ambit Automation for the training
Abhishek abhi
Abhishek abhi
Excellent training in Qaqc welding,Ndt,piping,drilling. I got experienced training from Ambit automation. Practical oriented training program gives me a good knowledge about the site. I recommend this institute for ndt,piping,Qaqc, drilling training
Suhair Khalid
Suhair Khalid
I heard this Institute name from one of my friends. He was trained in oil and gas piping course from here. I joined 6 month before. Now I completed my course. I gain a lot of knowledge in NDT Method in UT, MPT, VT, LPT, RT, RTFI. I also got training in welder qualification test, WPS ets. I really enjoy my training. Our trainers were friendly and experienced. Thank you Ambit Automation.
Aswin Prakash
Aswin Prakash
Thank you Ambit Automation for the training and support. I trained in NDT, QAQC- WELDING,PIPING AND DRILLING from the institute. I gain a lot of knowledge and practical knowledge. Trainers are friendly and well experienced.
Binu Rameshan
Binu Rameshan
Excellent institution for oil and gas training. Drilling, piping,qaqc and ndt training gives me a hope to the future. Thank you Ambit Automation for the training and support. Thank you my Trainers....
Siva mrinal
Siva mrinal
Last one year I don't have any job at that time I heard about this institute now I am completed my course today, now I have hope for future.
Jalaja T
Jalaja T
Happy to attend the training.
Sree Kuttan
Sree Kuttan
This institution give me good training and practical exposure in NDT,QC-WELDING,and in Piping. Training staffs are excellent. This certificate programmes are good for career development. Thank you Ambit Automation Sreekutan K
Athish Nair
Athish Nair
It's an good institution for QA QC,NDT ND piping engineering and excellent staff for teaching their teaching way is very gud nd esy to understand ND good lab facility qc nd ndt piping staff has experience in field

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