What Does The IP Rating For Outdoor Camera Mean?

Both electrical and electronic devices cannot be placed outside without providing proper protection; otherwise the intrusion from foreign bodies likes dirt and moisture can partially or fully affect the working of those devices.
Surveillance camera used for outdoor protection should be installed with convenient protection levels to cope with the outdoor conditions such as cold/icy & hot/humid. IP (“Ingress Protection”) Rating is an international standard defined for specifying outdoor protection level in security cameras (and other electrical and electronic devices). IP Rating is defined under the international standard ‘EN 60529’.
IP Ratings are given/written as ‘IP’ followed by two digits, each have a specific meaning. The first number defines the degree of protection from moving parts, as well as the foreign bodies with varying diameters such as dust. The second number indicates the protection level from various forms of moisture (drips, sprays, submersion etc).

IP Rating Chart