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Ambit Automation offers top-notch training in electrical courses, focusing on Industrial Automation that plays a crucial role in today’s booming sector. With the global Industrial Automation Market projected to reach USD 296.70 Billion by 2026, there’s immense potential in this field. Our courses cover PLC SCADA training and Control Panel wiring, equipped with the latest systems used in the industry. We also provide training in Embedded systems and IoT, aligning with Industry 4.0 concepts. Graduates from our programs have secured placements in renowned automation companies in India and abroad, making us the premier training provider in Kerala for Industrial Automation.

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  • Extensive Expertise: Decades of specialized knowledge and experienced faculty ensure top-notch education in industrial automation.
  • Practical Focus: Emphasis on hands-on experience prepares graduates to excel as proficient problem solvers in real-world scenarios.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Dynamic content updated regularly to incorporate the latest technologies and trends in industrial automation.
  • 100% Placement Support: Comprehensive career assistance including counseling, resume building, and interview preparation for successful career transitions.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Cutting-edge labs and equipment create an immersive learning environment aligned with industry standards.
Industrial Automation Course
Electrical Installation Course

The global Industrial Automation Market valued at $157.04 Billion is expected to reach USD 296.70 Billion by 2026. Indian Industrial Automation Market is expected to reach $4.43 billion by 2023. The above growth is fuelled by india power sector where we are the second largest consumer of electricity in the world with an installed power capacity of 377.26 GW as of January 2021. We are ranked fifth in wind power, fifth in solar power and fourth in renewable power installed capacity, as of 2020. This phenomenal growth being shown in the power sector translates to corresponding growth in the end user segment vis-à-vis the growth of Indian industries and for domestic and commercial lighting. The two sectors have to grow at par for us to be economical super power and therein lies the opportunity in Electrical and Industrial Automation


Industrial Automation Training ensures the operation and control of industrial processes without significant human intervention and achieving superior. These automation devices include PLCs, PCs, DCS, SCADAs, etc. Some of the smart devices or instruments used in automated industry like Programmable Logic Controller Programmers Programmers(PLC), sensors and other instruments for sensing the control variables, signal conditioning, standalone computing systems, communication systems, alarm and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems. The functional area of automation professional starts from being an Instrument and Electrical Technician, and then more advanced skill sets are required for Programmable Logic Controller Programmers, SCADA, Electrical and Controls design. India is moving towards Industry 4.0. Hence, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will emerge as a game-changer for the manufacturing Industry. At par with this growth is the requirement of Electrical Engineers for setting up of power generation and distribution system both for the industries as well as domestic consumer and their demand will also be at par with the growth of Industry.

Our Offering

We are the best training provider in Kerala for Industrial Automation course viz-a-viz- PLC SCADA training and Control Panel wiring. With as many as 6 brands of PLCs to boast about, we provide automation training in the latest systems that are used in the industry. Industrial automation along with Embedded system or IOT is another offering, which is most sought after course as it can help the trainee to graduate to industry 4.0 concepts easily as and when it evolves. Our trainees are placed in reputed automation companies in India and Abroad.