Building Maintenance Technician

A Building Maintenance Technician should be a professional with a practical mind and attention to detail. Keeping buildings in proper working condition is the responsibility of building maintenance technicians, which include surveying buildings and repair mechanical systems, performing maintenance of electrical systems, assisting in the setup of ventilation, refrigeration, and other systems, maintain heating and plumbing systems to ensure functionality, inspect alarm systems (fire, protection) and schedule repairs when needed etc.

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Basic knowledge of electrical wiring
Introduction to active and passive components
Power supply design and construction
Relay logic and digital electronics
Signal Conditioning Circuits
Introduction to Electronic Security
Scope of Electronic Security
Types of CCTV Systems
Camera Selection and Design Concepts
What are the camera Types
Camera Specifications & Features
Introduction to Digital Video Recorder
Setting Up a DVR
DVR Structure and Sections
Classification Of DVR
Special DVRs
Local Access Configuration
Remote Access Configuration
Crimping Practice
Need for Fire Alarm System
Types of Fire Detectors
Types of Fire Panels
Conventional and Addressable System
Input-Output Modules
Indicators & Annunciators
Fire Cables and Classes of Wiring
Learn Fire Alarm Wiring and Configuration
How to do Fire Panel Interfacing with Access Control System
Introduction to Intruder Alarm System
Need for Intruder Alarm System
Intrusion Detector Types
Hardware and Software Types of Zone
Zone Attributes
Keypad Types
Panel Types
Zone Partitioning
Panel Programming Using Keypad
Panel Programming Using Software
Access Control System Topology
Card Types
Biometric System
Reader Types
Locking Devices, Exit Switch & Status Detectors
Panel Communication Protocols
Panel Programming
VDP Panel Connection
System Configuration
Introduction to Electrical Systems
Residential Electrical Wiring
Serial parallel connection
Circuit Basics
Home Electrical System
The Service Panel
About Cables and Wires
Residential Electrical Wiring
Wiring a Subpanel
How to wire a 30-Amp 120/240V Receptacle.
Wire a Switch-Controlled Light Fixture
Wiring a Switch-Controlled Receptacle
Two Receptacles in Sequence
How to wire a Switch-Controlled Split Receptacle
Wiring Three-Way Switches and Light Fixture
Wiring a Doorbell.
Symbols and Drawings
Circuit Protection
Types of MCBs
logical wiring
Types of Distribution board
Load Calculation
Electrical motor
Motor terminal plate connection
Motor starter connection
Invertor and Generator arrangement
Load Balancing
Selection of wires & cables
Estimation & Cost
Electrical layouts
Single Line diagram of a residential/small buildings
HVAC System

Type of AC
Heat Load Estimate
Ventilation Systems
Chiller and VRF system
Duct design
BOQ and Estimation
Introduction to plumbing system
Plumbing system
plumbing fittings
Support for Pipes
Pipe sizing and calculation
Valves and Accessories
Installation of Cold and Hot Water Line and Drainage System
mounting of plumbing fixtures
Tank sizing and calculations
BOQ and Estimation
Introduction to AutoCAD
Drawing Tools, modifying tools and Isometric
Object Properties, Layers, Symbols, Block Creation and Annotation
Drawing Practice
Sheet Setting and Layout

Building Maintenance Technician Course Qualification
  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • ITI
  • Plustwo
Building Maintenance Technician Course Certifications

Govt of India approved -BSS Certification

Building Maintenance Technician Course Duration

6 Months