BMS course from Ambit Automation provides the best training for students. In the present scenario of fast-rising global needs and energy consumption, the concept of automation already got its place at its zenith. As we all know for a commercial complex the current consumption will be huge if left unmonitored. Some of the high energy-consuming systems in a building are HVAC, Escalators, Lifts etc.

An ingeniously designed and implemented self-regulating.

Building Automation System (BAS) / Building Management System (BMS) can bring some intelligent solutions to reduce energy consumption.BMS can effectively control the maintenance cost of building. BAS also can optimize other mechanical equipment, lighting, water, security, and safety systems in the building.


A building management system course consists of topics helps reducing the energy consumption of a building. Learning BMS Course helps in regulating and controlling high voltage systems without affecting occupant comfort inside the building. It has to be considered that even though the initial installation cost of a building energy management system is considerably high, the system itself returns cost as energy savings in the following four to five years.

A person with technical expertise and in possession of good knowledge from building automation always finds a position in leading companies since the Building Management System course  is the future of building management. As a BAS engineer one will be responsible for the implementation of diverse and challenging solutions for industrial and commercial clients.

  • Introduction To BMS
  • Scope Of BMS
  • Components And Architecture
  • BMS Controller Familiarization
  • Communication Protocols
  • Introduction To CCTV Systems
  • Types Of CCTV Systems
  • Camera Selection And Design Concepts
  • Camera Types
  • Camera Specifications & Features
  • Analog & IP Camera
  • Introduction To Digital Video Recorder
  • Setting Up A DVR
  • DVR Structure And Sections
  • Classification Of DVR
  • Special DVRs
  • Networking
    • Local Access Configuration
    • Remote Access Configuration
  • Crimping Practice
  • System Trouble Shooting
  • Introduction To Fire Alarm System
  • Need For Fire Alarm System
  • Types Of Fire Detectors
  • Types Of Fire Panels
  • Conventional And Addressable System
  • Input-Output Modules
  • Indicators & Annunciators
  • Fire Cables And Classes Of Wiring
  • Fire Alarm Wiring And Configuration
    • Conventional
    • Addressable
  • Fire Panel Interfacing With access control System
  • Introduction To Intruder Alarm System
  • Need For Intruder Alarm System
  • Intrusion Detector Types
    • Door Magnetic Contact
    • Vibration Detectors
    • Motion Detectors
    • Glass Break Detectors
    • Panic Switches
  • Hardware And Software Types Zone
  • Zone Attributes
  • Keypad Types
  • Panel Types
  • Zone Partitioning
  • Panel Programming
    • Using Keypad
    • Using Software
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Introduction
  • Access Control System Topology
  • Credentials
    • Pin
    • Card
    • Biometric
  • Card Types
  • Biometric System
    • Behavioral
    • Physical
  • Reader Types
  • Locking Devices
  • Exit Switch & Status Detectors
  • Panel Communication Protocols
  • Panel Programming
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Introduction
  • Panel Connection
  • Lock Interfacing
  • System Configurations
  • Basic Of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation
  • Understanding For Automation & Control System
  • Basic Components Of Automation
  • Hardware / Software Classification Of Automation
  • Introduction to PLC
  • Architecture of PLC
  • Application and Advantage of PLC
  • PLC Programming
  • Introduction of Ladder Logic
  • Introduction of SFC
  • Introduction of Instruction list
  • Creating & Editing Ladder Logic Program
  • Different Types Of Sensors-Sinking, Sourcing, NPN, PNP
  • NO/ NC Concept
  • PLC Fault Finding, Trouble Shooting
  • PLC Control Panel Wiring
  • Introduction to SCADA
  • Creating Database / New SCADA Project
  • Creating And Editing Tags
  • Text And Text Control
  • Wizards
  • Graphs, Bar Charts
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Trends- Real Time & Historical
  • Database & DDE Connectivity
  • Driver Configurations
  • Live Interfacing With PLC
  • SCADA & PLC Interface
  • Report Generation
  • Different types of operator Interfaces – Textual, Graphical
  • Connection Wiring of HMI
  • Data handling with HMI
  • Configuration and Interfacing to PLC and PC
  • Communication Standards- DF1, Ethernet, DH45, RS232, RS485, PROFIBUS
  • Different Types Of Panels
  • Basic Components To Be Installed In A Panel
  • Wiring Details Of Panel
  • Specification And Physical Dimension Of Components

BMS Course  / Building Automation training and certification institute in Kochi offers hands-on experience with 100% placement support. We conduct this course in regular training, crash course, short-term training & 3 months training. Check out the Building Management System Course syllabus provided by AMBIT before getting admission.

vijith kumar
vijith kumar
This is one of the best institution where Civil And Mechanical students can learn all their Softwares like QTO, Primavera, Revit 3DsMax Vray etc with very Nominal Cost, Trainers are really qualified and Well equiped to handle students. They provide 100% placement too. Thanks Ambit Automation.
Rijun Rs
Rijun Rs
A versatile institute for career oriented grooming and guidance. I have completed Oil and Gas QAQC from this institute which was indeed a ravishing experience. The faculties Deepak Sir and Felix sir are very friendly & approachable and have been a constant support throughout. My heartfelt gratitude to Ambit institute.
Arjun Ranadev
Arjun Ranadev
Classes are very good, knowledgeable and easy to understand. Teaching staffs are so friendly. Teaching styles of Felix Sir and Deepak Sir are so good and understandable.
eldhose k p
eldhose k p
Best training for CNC programming and Master cam in kerala. After this course i got placed in Poland from Ambit Automation. Thanks Ambit 👌🏻
Adithye M Das
Adithye M Das
One of the best Automation Service Centre in Kochi.

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