Building Energy Management System


Building Energy Management System

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Building Management System Course

The present scenario of fast rising global needs and energy consumption the concept of automation already got its place at the zenith. As we all know for a commercial complex the current consumption will be huge if left unmonitored. Some of the high energy consuming systems in a building are HVAC, escalators and lifts. An ingeniously designed and implemented self-regulating.

Building Automation System (BAS) / Building Management System (BMS) can bring some intelligent solution to reduce energy consumption and maintenance cost. BAS also can optimize other mechanical equipment, lighting, water, security, and safety systems in the building.

Building management system is an art of reducing the energy consumption of a building by regulating and controlling high voltage systems without affecting occupant comfort inside the building. It has to be considered that even though the initial installation cost of a building energy management system is considerably high, the system itself returns cost as energy savings in the following four to five years.

A person with technical expertise and in possession of good knowledge from building automation always find a position in leading companies since Building Management System is the future of building management. As a BAS engineer one will be responsible for implementation of diverse and challenging solutions for industrial and commercial clients.

Duration – 3 Months

The rated Building Energy management system (BMS) / Building Automation training and certification institute in Kochi offers hands on experience with 100% placement support. We conduct this course in regular training, crash course, short-term training & 3 months training. Check out the Building Management System Course information and syllabus provided by AMBIT before getting admission


Building Management System Training

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Building Management System Course

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Building Management System Course

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