Our PG Diploma course in logistics and supply chain management helps the graduate understand a specialized and dynamic career-front :

the logistics and supply chain industry. The aspirant will be involved in a lot of activities like shipping, warehousing, courier services, road or rail transportation, aviation etc . Since retail companies become involved in supply chain management to control product quality,  inventory level,  timing and expenses-  you know you are entering a highly competitive and dynamic field where the work is demanding yet rewarding.


Apart from being a leading provider in the educational arena, Ambit automation provides best-in-class and state-of-the-art facilities, a unique experiential experience learning, a curriculum that is not only the result of years of research and toil but globally focused too. The faculty is the best in the field with years of experience and a management that is student friendly and one of the best in the industry. In business, success in logistics translates to increased efficiency, decreased cost, higher production rates, better inventory control, smarter use of warehouse space, increased customer and supplier satisfaction and an improved customer experience.


Ambit automation helps you achieve the aforementioned qualities to succeed in business so that the post graduate can face the world armed with a fantastic career choice. Be it a guide, a mentor, a friend – Ambit automation is all that and a lot more. Situated at Kochi, the heartland of Kerala- Ambit automation understands what is crucial to the success of an aspirant in this field. Logistics is a lucrative field and we equip you with the right Armor to face this dynamic and competitive industry heads-on.


Ten important subjects are covered under this course. The entire course has been divided into two semesters.

  1. International business management


  2. Logistics management
    Diploma in Logistics course

    Logistics management

  3. Marketing and service management
    Logistics course topics

    Marketing and service management

    4.Organizational behaviour and management
    logistics course fee


    5.Research methodology


    6.Retail management
    Logistics and SCM COURES


    7.Export management



Logistics Course in ernakulam

Warehouse management

9.Freight and transport management

Logistics course details

Freight management

10.Shipping Management

best logistics course in kerala

Shipping management


Business activities beyond the national boundaries are called international business. This subject enables the students to get a clear picture about why business go internationally it also helps to understand various business agreements, trade blocks and the institutional support for international business

Logistics management includes customer service,sourcing, procurement,product planning, scheduling,packaging and  is inevitable for all companies in the present situation.It also also ensures that  products are shipped in the most economical,safe, efficient and timely manner.This results in cost savings  for the company and more satisfied customers.Its process involves inbound outbound and reverse logistics

The execution of business activities that direct towards the flow of goods and services from producers to customer or end user. The role of marketing is  predominant in international business

Organisational behaviour is the systematic study of actions and activities that people exhibit within the organisation. OB enables test you and still learn how to improve quality and productivity to match global standards. It also helps to work with people from different cultures and the creation of global village

Research is actually a voyage for getting knowledge. This subject provides a clear picture about how to conduct market research, surveys, data collection, analysis and interpretation and arriving at conclusion. In the present globalised world research and developments are inevitable for all categories of business class.

Retail management is concerned with overseeing the  distribution and selling of products directly to consumers. Retail management saves time and ensure the customers easily to locate the desired merchandise and return home with satisfaction. Retail management has become one of  fastest growing career in the industry with tremendous growth in the economy. Retail market in India is more attractive  and emerging market in the world and it has plenty of opportunities for trained persons


Export import management enables to get knowledge in such a way that one can identify foreign market, product development, financial process, documentation etc.It helps in understanding international marketing,trade and the concept of foreign exchange.Export is the selling of goods or services from one country to another.Imports means bringing goods from other country.Exports and imports are two critical components which maintains the economic wellbeing of a country.

Warehouse management is the process of storing goods     which are to be  distributed later.Warehousing  includes stocking,maintaining and controlling your work in progress inventory.Warehousing  is one of the important auxiliaries to trade. It creates time utility by bridging the time gap between production and consumption of good

Freight means a payment or charge paid for  carrying or transporting of goods by means of air, land or sea. Transportation  is the movement of humans, animals, goods from one location to another. Transportation involves the shipment of both people and  material and it is a broad term. Transportation system helps to reduce freight expenses, increase customer service, improve warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Shipping management is the process of planning and execution of the shipping process to ensure the smooth functioning of the helps the companies to be streamlined and focus on each step of the process along the way often shipping management and focus on each step of the process along the way often shipping management and the logistics management are considered the same but they are way different. They are interrelated but both hold their respective set of duties.

  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • Btech
Logistics course with Internship


PG Diploma in Logistics Course Duration is 12 months including 1 month Internship in Vallarpadam container terminal and 1 month project.

Feedback from students
vijith kumar
vijith kumar
This is one of the best institution where Civil And Mechanical students can learn all their Softwares like QTO, Primavera, Revit 3DsMax Vray etc with very Nominal Cost, Trainers are really qualified and Well equiped to handle students. They provide 100% placement too. Thanks Ambit Automation.
Rijun Rs
Rijun Rs
A versatile institute for career oriented grooming and guidance. I have completed Oil and Gas QAQC from this institute which was indeed a ravishing experience. The faculties Deepak Sir and Felix sir are very friendly & approachable and have been a constant support throughout. My heartfelt gratitude to Ambit institute.
Arjun Ranadev
Arjun Ranadev
Classes are very good, knowledgeable and easy to understand. Teaching staffs are so friendly. Teaching styles of Felix Sir and Deepak Sir are so good and understandable.
eldhose k p
eldhose k p
Best training for CNC programming and Master cam in kerala. After this course i got placed in Poland from Ambit Automation. Thanks Ambit 👌🏻
Adithye M Das
Adithye M Das
One of the best Automation Service Centre in Kochi.

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