Mechanical QA QC Course

Mechanical QA QC Course from Ambit Automation covers all major aspects of the QA QC Course. Quality Assurance is about developing a process and forming a procedure through which the product is made. QA is monitoring the process and maintaining the standard level of the product and system along with QMS. QA engineer would develop a quality plan based on customer requirements and the QC engineer would monitor and ensure that all requirements of the quality plan are met by the product during manufacturing. QC engineer performs a visual inspection of the product and arranges for NDT and performs weld repairs and makes sure that the product is having good quality. The QC engineer would only be focused on making sure the product meets the requirements of the quality plan as set by QA.QAQC Course makes each student capable of doing following skills.

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If you are the one with all these skills, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you as a QC engineer.

  • Check Raw Material, Castings and  Welded joint Check and monitor  NDT requirements.
  • Witnessing WQT, PQR  Monitoring and controlling the  process as per  WPS Visual inspection before, during and after welding.
  • Arranging a test coupon after performing WQT. Arranging for the destructive test  for the PQR.
  • Quality Control Intervention points  on the Inspection and Test Plans,  ITP (Surveillance, Witness, Hold  Point and Record Review)
Qualifications Required for Mechanical QA QC Course
  • BTech
  • Diploma
  • Degree
Course Certifications

Mechanical QAQC Course from Ambit Automation provides Govt of India approved BSS Certification.

Mechanical QA QC Course duration

Mechanical QA QC Course duration is 2 Months