Civil Quantity Survey Estimation & Costing

Civil Quantity Survey Estimation & Costing involves accurately estimating, planning, and controlling costs in construction projects. Quantity surveyors, experts in this field, play a vital role throughout a project’s lifecycle. They possess key skills like numeracy, software proficiency, interpersonal abilities, and attention to detail, making them indispensable for project cost evaluation and material quantity assessment.

The course covers unit conversion, tender types, contract variations, measurement standards, quantity calculation methods, bar bending schedules, software use for estimation, and project management. Participants learn about quantity surveyor roles, material calculations, bill of quantities preparation, and estimation techniques using software tools. This certification enhances career opportunities in construction with skills in cost determination and material assessment.

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Quantity Surveying is concerned with the 

Planning and 
Control of the cost on construction projects.  A Quantity surveyor is a professional with expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts.

Quantity surveyors are involved in all phases of a facility’s lifecycle such as 


The competencies of quantity surveyors are aimed at producing constructions that meet the client’s value system.

The key skills of  a Quantity surveyor are;

A good working knowledge of MS excel and the ability to learn how to use specialist software.
Excellent relationship-building and interpersonal skills.
The ability to work in a team.
The ability to negotiate.
Attention to detail and a methodological approach to work.

If you are the one with all these skills, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you as a Quantity Surveyor.

Introduction to quantity surveying
Conversion of units
Types of tender
Types of contract
General rules of measurement as per is :1200
Methods of taking out quantities
Bar bending schedule (bbs) on structural members

Civil Quantity Survey Estimation & Costing Course Syllabus

Introduction / importance of quantity surveying
Role & responsibilities of a quantity surveyor
Management at different stages
Methods of taking quantities
Bar bending schedule for rcc structures, beam, column with footing, retaining wall
Working drawing
Material calculation
Preparation of boq on project drawing
Checking quantities against drawing
Estimation using software – quantity take off (qto)

Civil Quantity Survey Estimation & Costing Course Certification


Civil Quantity Survey Estimation & Costing Course Benefits
  • It will help to know the accurate cost of projects.
  • Also it will help to known the quantity of material needed for a project.