Tally Prime Course

Tally Prime, a cutting-edge accounting software, transforms financial management. Our course delves into its features, empowering you to streamline processes like sales, inventory, and compliance. Master Tally Prime for efficient financial operations.

The Tally Prime course unravels the power of Tally Solutions’ software. From company creation to GST compliance, it covers sales, purchase, payroll, and more. Gain expertise in leveraging Tally Prime for accurate financial reporting and informed decision-making

Elevate your Tally Prime skills at Ambit Automation, Kerala’s premier institute. With industry-relevant curriculum, experienced instructors, and practical training, we stand out. Choose Ambit for a top-notch Tally Prime education, ensuring a competitive edge in the finance sector.

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Tally Prime Course: Enhance Your Accounting Skills

Discover the power of Tally Prime, the latest software solution from Tally Solutions. Our Tally Prime course in Kerala is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to navigate this advanced accounting software effectively. With a focus on practical learning, our comprehensive training program will enable you to maximize the benefits of Tally Prime in streamlining financial and accounting processes.

Importance of Tally Prime Training

Gain a competitive edge in the world of finance and accounting with our Tally Prime course. Our training will help you master essential aspects such as sales, purchase, receivables, payables tracking, inventory management, payroll management, bank transactions, and statutory compliance. By enrolling in our Tally Prime course, you’ll develop proficiency in leveraging Tally Prime’s features and functionalities to optimize financial operations.

As a reputable tally training institute in Kerala, we offer comprehensive Tally Prime courses tailored to meet industry demands. Our experienced instructors provide hands-on guidance, ensuring you grasp the intricacies of Tally Prime and its applications. Join us to acquire the skills needed to excel in accounting and finance using Tally Prime.

Tally Prime Course at Ambit Automation Institute: Master the Art of Financial Management

Embark on a rewarding journey of financial management with our Tally Prime course in Kerala. At Ambit Automation Institute, we offer the best Tally Prime course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of accounting and finance. Our institute, renowned for its comprehensive training programs, provides a conducive learning environment for students both offline and online.

Key Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Our Tally Prime course aims to empower you with the following objectives and learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of Tally Prime software and its relevance in modern financial management.
  2. Gain proficiency in using Tally Prime for sales, purchase, receivables, payables tracking, inventory management (order processing, inventory tracking), payroll management, bank transactions, and statutory compliance.
  3. Learn to generate accurate financial reports, analyze data, and make informed business decisions using Tally Prime.
  4. Develop the skills to handle complex accounting tasks with ease, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in financial operations.
  5. Acquire industry-relevant knowledge and practical expertise to enhance your career prospects in finance and accounting.

Comprehensive Curriculum for Holistic Learning

Our Tally Prime course encompasses a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover essential concepts and functionalities. From company creation and accounts with inventory to payroll management, job costing, bank reconciliation, and GST compliance, we provide a well-rounded education that prepares you to tackle real-world financial challenges confidently.

Focus on Sales, Purchase, Receivables, Payables Tracking, Inventory Management, Payroll Management, and Statutory Compliance

Throughout the course, we prioritize essential aspects such as sales, purchase, receivables, payables tracking, inventory management (order processing, inventory tracking), payroll management, and statutory compliance. Our expert instructors will guide you through practical exercises and real-world scenarios, enabling you to develop the necessary skills to excel in these areas.

Tally Prime – Course Topics

Company Creation: Learn how to set up and configure companies in Tally Prime, including defining company details, financial year settings, and managing multiple companies.

Accounts with Inventory: Understand the integration of accounts and inventory modules in Tally Prime. Explore concepts such as creating ledgers, stock items, tracking inventory movements, and managing stock valuation.

Payroll: Dive into the intricacies of payroll management using Tally Prime. Learn to process payroll transactions, define salary structures, manage employee profiles, calculate deductions, generate payslips, and maintain payroll compliance.

Point of Sales (POS): Discover the functionality of Tally Prime’s Point of Sale module. Gain hands-on experience in recording sales transactions, managing cash registers, handling discounts, generating sales invoices, and analyzing sales performance.

Manufacturing Account: Explore the manufacturing capabilities of Tally Prime. Learn to create bills of materials, manage work orders, track production processes, handle material consumption, and analyze manufacturing costs.

Cost Centre and Cost Category: Gain insights into cost center and cost category management in Tally Prime. Discover how to allocate expenses, track costs across different departments or projects, and generate comprehensive cost reports.

Bank Reconciliation: Master the process of reconciling bank statements with Tally Prime. Learn to manage bank transactions, handle outstanding checks and deposits, and ensure accurate bank balance reconciliation.

Job Costing: Understand the fundamentals of job costing in Tally Prime. Learn to allocate costs to specific jobs or projects, track expenses, analyze profitability, and generate job-related reports.

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source): Get acquainted with TDS concepts and its implementation in Tally Prime. Learn to deduct and track TDS amounts, generate TDS certificates, and ensure compliance with TDS regulations.

VAT (Value Added Tax): Explore VAT-related processes in Tally Prime. Learn to record VAT transactions, calculate VAT liabilities, generate VAT returns, and comply with VAT regulations.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) with Tally: Develop a thorough understanding of GST and its implementation in Tally Prime. Learn to record GST transactions, generate GST invoices, reconcile GST data, and file GST returns accurately.

Interest Calculation: Gain expertise in calculating interest using Tally Prime. Learn to set up interest calculation methods, apply interest on outstanding balances, and generate interest-related reports.

E-way Bill: Learn to generate and manage E-way bills using Tally Prime. Understand the process of capturing E-way bill details, maintaining E-way bill registers, and ensuring compliance with E-way bill regulations.

Tally Prime – Course Syllabus

Introduction to Tally Prime: Get familiar with Tally Prime, the latest software solution by Tally Solutions. Understand its interface, navigation, and key features that make it a powerful tool for financial and accounting management.

Purchase Order, Sale Order, Purchase Return & Sales Return: Learn to create and process purchase orders and sale orders in Tally Prime. Explore how to handle purchase and sales returns, maintain accurate inventory records, and generate necessary reports.

Payroll & Interest Calculations: Dive into the payroll module of Tally Prime and gain proficiency in managing employee salaries, deductions, allowances, and other payroll components. Additionally, learn how to calculate and record interest amounts for loans, deposits, or outstanding balances.

Job Costing: Discover the concepts of job costing in Tally Prime and explore how it helps in tracking and analyzing project-specific costs, expenses, and revenues. Learn to allocate expenses, manage job budgets, and generate job cost reports for effective project management.

Manufacturing of Finished Goods: Explore the manufacturing capabilities of Tally Prime and understand how to create and manage bills of materials (BOMs), track work orders, handle material consumption, and generate manufacturing-related reports.

Reconciliation of Bank Accounts with Balance as per Books of Accounts: Learn to reconcile bank accounts with the balances recorded in Tally Prime. Understand the process of matching transactions, identifying discrepancies, and ensuring accurate bank reconciliation.

Cost Allocations (Cost Category & Cost Centre): Gain insights into cost allocation techniques in Tally Prime. Learn how to categorize expenses and allocate costs to specific cost centers or cost categories, allowing for detailed expense analysis and reporting.

TDS Calculations: Develop an understanding of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) calculations in Tally Prime. Learn to record TDS-related transactions, calculate TDS amounts, generate TDS certificates, and stay compliant with TDS regulations.

Recording of GST Compliance Transactions: Explore the features of Tally Prime that facilitate recording and managing Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance transactions. Learn to generate GST invoices, record input and output tax, reconcile GST data, and generate GST reports.

Introduction to E-way Bill: Understand the concept of E-way bills and their significance in the movement of goods. Learn how to generate and manage E-way bills in Tally Prime, ensuring compliance with E-way bill regulations.

Join our Tally Prime course at Ambit Automation Institute, the leading tally training institute in Kerala, to acquire comprehensive knowledge of these course topics and become proficient in Tally Prime.

Tally Prime Course Certification

Tally Essential Comprehensive Certification

Upon successful completion of our Tally Prime course at Ambit Automation Institute, you will be awarded the prestigious Tally Essential Comprehensive Certification. This certification recognizes your mastery of Tally Prime and validates your expertise in using the software for various financial and accounting functions.

The Tally Essential Comprehensive Certification showcases your commitment to professional growth and demonstrates your proficiency in leveraging Tally Prime to streamline business processes. It holds significant value in the job market, as employers recognize the importance of having skilled professionals who can effectively utilize Tally Prime for accurate and efficient financial management.

With this certification, you gain a competitive edge and open up new career opportunities in diverse sectors such as finance, accounting, auditing, taxation, and more. It serves as a testament to your knowledge and competence in Tally Prime, giving you the confidence to excel in your chosen field.

At Ambit Automation Institute, we prioritize your success, and our Tally Essential Comprehensive Certification is a testament to our commitment to providing industry-recognized credentials that hold value in the professional world.

Why Choose Ambit Automation Institute for Tally Prime Training

Ambit Automation Institute: Your Trusted Tally Training Institute At Ambit Automation Institute, we take pride in our expertise and experience in providing top-notch Tally Prime training. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality education, we have become a trusted name in the industry. Our team of experienced instructors is well-versed in Tally Prime and equipped with the knowledge to guide you through the course effectively.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum and Practical Training We understand the importance of preparing students for real-world scenarios. That’s why our Tally Prime course is designed with an industry-relevant curriculum that covers all essential aspects of Tally Prime. Through practical training sessions, case studies, and hands-on exercises, we ensure that you develop the necessary skills and proficiency to excel in your professional endeavors.

Strong Industry Partnerships and Affiliations To further enhance the credibility of our institute and the value of our Tally Prime training, we have established strong partnerships and affiliations with leading industry players. These collaborations allow us to stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the field of Tally Prime. Our network of industry connections also opens doors to potential job opportunities for our students.

When you choose Ambit Automation Institute for your Tally Prime training, you can be confident that you are receiving the best education from a reputable institute with a focus on practical skills and industry relevance.

Tally Prime – Training Methodologies

At Ambit Automation Institute, we employ a well-rounded training methodology for delivering the Tally Prime course. Our approach focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of Tally Prime’s functionalities and practical applications.

Our training methodology emphasizes a practical hands-on approach, enabling students to gain practical experience and proficiency in using Tally Prime. Through interactive sessions, students engage in real-world case studies and practical exercises that simulate common business scenarios.

We understand the importance of flexibility in learning, which is why we offer both offline and online training options. Our offline training allows students to attend classes at our state-of-the-art facility in Kerala, where they can interact with instructors and fellow students. Additionally, our online training option provides students with the convenience of learning from anywhere, anytime, through our virtual learning platform.