SAP Material Management Course

Gain expertise in SAP Material Management (MM) with our comprehensive training course. Covering procurement, inventory management, and movement types, this hands-on program equips you with practical skills essential for efficient material management within organizations.

Elevate your career in supply chain and inventory management by mastering SAP MM. Acquire in-depth knowledge of procurement processes, inventory control, and goods movement, making you a valuable asset for organizations aiming to optimize supply chain operations and reduce costs.

Choose Ambit Automation for top-notch SAP MM training in Kerala. Benefit from our industry-focused curriculum, practical training methodology, and experienced instructors. With a state-of-the-art learning environment and placement assistance, we ensure you receive the best education for a successful career in SAP Material Management.

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SAP Material Management (MM) is an essential component of effective supply chain and inventory management. It focuses on the procurement, management, and movement of materials within an organization. With SAP MM, businesses can optimize their supply chain processes, streamline inventory management, and ensure timely availability of materials.

The demand for skilled SAP MM professionals is on the rise, as companies recognize the significance of efficient material management in reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency. By acquiring expertise in SAP MM, you can become a valuable asset to organizations seeking to optimize their supply chain processes and maintain competitive advantage in the market.

At Ambit Automation Institute in Kerala, we offer a specialized SAP Material Management course designed to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge in SAP MM. Our comprehensive training program covers key topics such as procurement, inventory management, and movement types. With hands-on training and guidance from experienced instructors, you will gain the necessary expertise to effectively handle material management tasks within organizations.

Enroll in our SAP MM course to enhance your career prospects in supply chain and inventory management. Our industry-focused curriculum and practical approach ensure that you acquire the skills demanded by employers in today’s competitive job market. Join us at Ambit Automation Institute and take a significant step towards a successful career in SAP Material Management.

At Ambit Automation Institute, we offer a comprehensive SAP Material Management (MM) course in Kerala. This course is specifically designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in SAP MM, enabling them to excel in the field of supply chain and inventory management.

The primary objective of our SAP MM course is to equip participants with a solid understanding of SAP MM concepts and functionalities. By the end of the course, you will have the necessary skills to effectively manage material procurement, inventory control, and movement within an organization using SAP MM software.

Our SAP MM course curriculum is carefully crafted to cover all the essential topics and functionalities of SAP MM. You will learn about company creation and configuration, principle concepts of materials management, defining plants, purchase organization, vendor and material master data management, procurement processes, purchase requisitions and orders, goods receipt, invoice verification, and more. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, you will gain proficiency in utilizing SAP MM to optimize supply chain processes and enhance inventory management efficiency.

By enrolling in our SAP MM course, you will receive expert guidance from our experienced trainers who have real-world industry knowledge. Our interactive training sessions and practical assignments ensure that you gain practical exposure and develop the necessary skills to succeed in SAP MM.

SAP Material Management Course Topics
  • P2P Cycle: In this SAP MM course, we will dive into the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cycle, which encompasses the end-to-end procurement process. You will learn how to create purchase requisitions, generate purchase orders, and manage the entire procurement workflow using SAP MM. Gain insights into vendor selection, negotiation, and contract management, ensuring smooth procurement operations.
  • Inventory Management: Discover the essential aspects of inventory management within SAP MM. Understand how to maintain accurate stock levels, track goods receipts and issues, perform physical inventory counts, and manage stock valuation. Learn to leverage SAP MM functionalities to optimize inventory control and streamline warehouse operations.
  • Movement Types: Gain an in-depth understanding of movement types in SAP MM, which are crucial for managing the movement of goods within the organization. Explore different movement types and their implications, such as goods receipts, goods issues, transfer postings, and stock transfers. Master the skills to execute seamless goods movement operations using SAP MM.
  • Transfer Postings and its Types: Delve into the world of transfer postings, which involve the relocation of materials within different organizational units. Learn about different types of transfer postings, such as plant-to-plant transfers, stock transfers between storage locations, and stock transfers between company codes. Acquire the knowledge to execute efficient transfer postings using SAP MM.
  • Reservations: Discover how to create and manage reservations in SAP MM. Reservations allow for the reserved stock of materials to be allocated for specific purposes, such as production orders or maintenance activities. Learn to create reservations, allocate stock, and monitor reservation status within the SAP MM system.

By covering these vital course topics, our SAP MM training equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage procurement, inventory, and goods movement processes using SAP MM. 

SAP Material Management Course Syllabus
  • Company Creation & its Configuration: Learn how to create and configure company settings in SAP MM, including defining company codes, organizational units, and company-specific parameters. Understand the importance of proper company setup for efficient material management processes.
  • Principle Concepts of Materials Management: Grasp the fundamental concepts and principles of materials management in SAP. Gain insights into inventory control, procurement processes, master data management, and strategic sourcing strategies.
  • Define Plant: Explore the concept of a plant in SAP MM and its significance in managing material storage and operations. Understand how to define and configure plants to align with organizational requirements.
  • Purchase Organization: Discover the role of purchase organizations in SAP MM and their impact on procurement activities. Learn to configure purchase organizations and establish relationships with vendors for efficient procurement processes.
  • Vendor Master Record: Understand the vendor master record and its importance in managing vendor-related information. Learn to create and maintain vendor master records, including contact details, payment terms, and evaluation criteria.
  • Material Master Data: Master the creation and management of material master data in SAP MM. Learn to define material types, maintain material master records, and manage essential information such as pricing, inventory, and classification.
  • Purchase Info Record: Explore the purchase info record and its role in procurement processes. Learn to create and maintain purchase info records, which provide vital information about vendors, materials, pricing conditions, and source lists.
  • Quota Arrangement: Understand the concept of quota arrangement in SAP MM, which determines the proportional distribution of material procurement among multiple sources. Learn to configure and maintain quota arrangements to optimize procurement strategies.
  • Procurement to Pay: Gain insights into the end-to-end procurement process, from purchase requisition to payment. Understand the sequential steps involved, including creating purchase requisitions, generating purchase orders, goods receipt, and invoice verification.
  • Create Purchase Requisition: Learn how to create purchase requisitions in SAP MM, which initiate the procurement process. Understand the different types of requisitions and how to enter relevant details such as material requirements, delivery dates, and quantity.
  • Create Purchase Order: Master the creation of purchase orders in SAP MM, which formalize the agreement between a company and its vendors. Learn to define purchase order parameters, select appropriate vendors, and incorporate necessary terms and conditions.
  • Post Goods Receipt: Discover how to post goods receipts in SAP MM to acknowledge the receipt of ordered materials. Learn to validate and confirm the quantity and quality of received goods, update inventory records, and initiate payment processes.
  • Post Invoice Verification: Understand the invoice verification process in SAP MM, which involves validating vendor invoices against purchase orders and goods receipts. Learn to verify invoices, resolve discrepancies, and manage the payment process efficiently.
  • Create Requests for Quotations: Explore the creation of requests for quotations (RFQ) in SAP MM. Learn to request competitive bids from vendors for specific material requirements, evaluate quotations, and select the most favorable offers.
  • Inventory Management: Gain comprehensive knowledge of inventory management in SAP MM. Understand stock valuation, goods issue, physical inventory management, and stock replenishment strategies to maintain optimal inventory levels.
  • Movement Types: Delve into the different movement types used in SAP MM for goods movement within the organization. Understand the significance of each movement type and its impact on inventory management and financial accounting.
  • Transfer Postings and its Types: Learn about transfer postings in SAP MM, which involve the relocation of materials between different storage locations, plants, or company codes. Understand the various transfer posting types and their applications for seamless material transfer.

By covering these essential topics in our SAP MM course, you will develop a strong foundation in material management processes and gain practical skills to excel in your SAP MM career.

SAP Material Management Course Certification

SAP MM Power User Certification: Upon successful completion of our SAP MM course, you will have the opportunity to earn the prestigious SAP MM Power User certification. This certification validates your expertise in SAP Material Management and enhances your career prospects in the field.

Why Choose Ambit Automation Institute for SAP MM Training

Expertise and Experience in SAP MM Training: Ambit Automation Institute is a leading provider of SAP training in Kerala. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed a strong expertise in delivering comprehensive SAP MM training programs. Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of SAP Material Management.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum and Practical Training: Our SAP MM course curriculum is carefully designed to cover all essential topics and ensure relevance to industry requirements. We focus on practical training, providing hands-on exercises and real-world case studies that enable you to apply your knowledge effectively.

Industry Partnerships and Affiliations: As a SAP Authorized Training Center in Kerala, we have established partnerships and affiliations with prominent organizations in the industry. These partnerships further validate the quality and credibility of our SAP MM training programs. By choosing Ambit Automation Institute, you can be confident that you are receiving training that aligns with industry standards and best practices.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and Learning Environment: We provide a conducive learning environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipped with the latest technology and software required for SAP MM training. Our classrooms are designed to facilitate an immersive and engaging learning experience.

Placement Assistance and Career Support: At Ambit Automation Institute, we understand the importance of career development. We offer placement assistance and career support services to our students, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement guidance. Our goal is to help you kick-start or advance your career in SAP Material Management.

Choose Ambit Automation Institute for SAP MM training and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a skilled SAP professional in the field of material management.

SAP Material Management Training Methodology

Practical Training Methodology: At Ambit Automation Institute, we follow a practical training methodology for SAP MM course delivery. Our experienced instructors combine theoretical concepts with real-world examples to ensure a comprehensive understanding of SAP MM processes.

Hands-on Approach and Case Studies: We emphasize a hands-on approach to learning, providing practical exercises and case studies that simulate real-world scenarios. This approach allows you to apply your knowledge to solve practical challenges commonly faced in material management.

Interactive Sessions and Discussions: Our training sessions are highly interactive, fostering discussions and encouraging active participation. You will have the opportunity to engage with instructors and fellow learners, enabling knowledge sharing and collaborative learning.

Utilization of SAP MM Software and Tools: To enhance your practical skills, we provide access to SAP MM software and tools during the training. You will gain hands-on experience in navigating the SAP MM system, performing transactions, and analyzing data.

By employing our effective training methodology, we ensure that you acquire the necessary skills and confidence to excel in SAP Material Management and succeed in your professional endeavors.