Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. HVAC systems have become the required industry standard for the construction of new buildings. HVAC is a sub-branch of Mechanical. It’s mainly used for residential (single-family, townhouse, multifamily, villa), commercial (Shopping mall, hospital, schools, seminar Hall, etc.), and industrial locations. For all these locations HVAC design always matters. Duct sizes, air ventilation, and heating all are part of HVAC and we may say in simple language HVAC is used for maintaining the room’s temp. In any condition HVAC is useful.

  • Building industry
  • Role of MEP Engineer
  • Heat and Concepts of fluid mechanics
  • Heat and transfer of fluid flow
  • Thermo dynamics principles
  • Units
  • Formulas
  • Psychometric Chart
  • Psychometric Property
  • Vapour Compression Cycle
  • Refregerants and it’s types,general classification
  • Definition
  • Heat load Concepts
  • Design Day
  • Outside and Inside design condition
  • Ventilation and infiltration calculation
  • Heat Transfer
  • Sensible heat calculation
  • Latent heat calculation
  • ESHF and ADP calculation
  • Refrigation Tonage
  • Type of AC
  • WIndow AC specifications
  • Hi Wall AC specifications
  • Cassette Split AC specifications
  • Concealed AC specifications
  • Ducted Split AC specifications
  • Vertical Splic AC specifications
  • packaged AC specifications
  • Centralized AC specifications
  • District cooling system specifications
  • Thermal storage system
  • Air Ducting
  • Type of Duct
  • Duct Classification
  • Ducting Material
  • Duct insulations and hangers
  • Duct sizer
  • Air diffuser type selection criteria
  • Air Grills types selection criteria
  • AHU type selection
  • FCU type selection
  • Duct Fittings, Accessories
  • Duct layout and connections
  • Fan selection
  • Components, Available types, Working Cycle, Refnut joint
  • System selection (Indoor Outdoor)
  • Pipe routing using software
  • Chiller components
  • Chiller working
  • Types of pumping system used
  • layout
  • Pumping system – Primary-secodary and schematic layout
  • Pumping system – Primary valiables and layout
  • Cooling tower – Types and classification
  • General classification and comparison
  • Reciprocating chiller
  • Centrifugal Chiller
  • Screw Chiller
  • Comparison of various compressiors
  • Selection criteria and star rating
  • Types of pumps – General classifications
  • Standards for pumps
  • Types of valves
  • Valve components
  • Application of valves
  • Drawings and calculations
  • Calculation using charts and equations
  • Types of ventillation
  • Kitchen Hood Ventillation
  • Designing Calculation
  • Drafting
  • Fan Selection
  • Types of Toilet
  • Design of Ventillation systems
  • Drafting of ventillations systems
  • Lab Drafting
  • Types of fans used
  • CFM calculation, Fan selection, Ducting
  • Preperation of tender documents
HVAC Course Qualification Required
  • Plus Two
  • ITI
  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • TUV-SUD International Certification
  • BSS -GOVT of India approved Certification



Course Duration

2 months is the duration of HVAC course


Gireesh Vl
Gireesh Vl
I completed my training in oil and gas piping. I trained in NDT,QC and Piping. I got practical exposure in above topics. Safe and healty practice make me a knowledgeable person. Knowledge in Welder qualification test, WPS, etc I got from the training. I also learn ISOMETRIC DRAWING,GAD,P&ID very well. Trainers are experienced and knowledgeable person. Thank you Ambit Automation for the training
Abhishek abhi
Abhishek abhi
Excellent training in Qaqc welding,Ndt,piping,drilling. I got experienced training from Ambit automation. Practical oriented training program gives me a good knowledge about the site. I recommend this institute for ndt,piping,Qaqc, drilling training
Suhair Khalid
Suhair Khalid
I heard this Institute name from one of my friends. He was trained in oil and gas piping course from here. I joined 6 month before. Now I completed my course. I gain a lot of knowledge in NDT Method in UT, MPT, VT, LPT, RT, RTFI. I also got training in welder qualification test, WPS ets. I really enjoy my training. Our trainers were friendly and experienced. Thank you Ambit Automation.
Aswin Prakash
Aswin Prakash
Thank you Ambit Automation for the training and support. I trained in NDT, QAQC- WELDING,PIPING AND DRILLING from the institute. I gain a lot of knowledge and practical knowledge. Trainers are friendly and well experienced.
Binu Rameshan
Binu Rameshan
Excellent institution for oil and gas training. Drilling, piping,qaqc and ndt training gives me a hope to the future. Thank you Ambit Automation for the training and support. Thank you my Trainers....
Siva mrinal
Siva mrinal
Last one year I don't have any job at that time I heard about this institute now I am completed my course today, now I have hope for future.
Jalaja T
Jalaja T
Happy to attend the training.
Sree Kuttan
Sree Kuttan
This institution give me good training and practical exposure in NDT,QC-WELDING,and in Piping. Training staffs are excellent. This certificate programmes are good for career development. Thank you Ambit Automation Sreekutan K
Athish Nair
Athish Nair
It's an good institution for QA QC,NDT ND piping engineering and excellent staff for teaching their teaching way is very gud nd esy to understand ND good lab facility qc nd ndt piping staff has experience in field

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