Keyence PlC Indroduction

Keyence Corporation Keyence Corporation is a sales organization which develops and manufactures automation component mainly sensor and PLCs, laser markers, digital microscopes, barcode readers, measuring instruments, and vision systems. KEYENCE PLC In PLC manufacturing, they were manufacturing with too many series like KV, KJ and so on. In that we ware handling with KV series KV series.Why KV series. And some feature of it. This is a world’s smallest PLCs! which has Variety of expansion options with 20 kHz clock pulse output and User-friendly Windows® ladder software. The new Ladder Builder support software enables a program to be debugged on a PC screen without connecting a PLC or other device. Useful features ●Built-in 1 ms timer ●Memory capacity of up to 3000 steps (500 steps: KV-10/16) ●Serial communication function ●Relay replacement is possible. (KV-80R, KV-16EYR) ●Programs are stored in EEPROM, eliminating the need for backup battery. In KV series itself there are too many models spiffily KV-10R, KV-10T, KV-16R, KV-16T, KV-24R, KV-24T, KV-40R, KV-40T, KV-80R, KV-80T. Among this we ware handling with. KV16RSome Specifications of that particular PLC Input/ Output specifications

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