TÜV SÜD certification marks and certificates are globally recognized endorsements by a renowned organization. They enhance brand value, inspire confidence in partners and users, and are trusted symbols of quality, safety, and sustainability. TÜV SÜD offers effective global training programs for individuals and organizations, covering safety, management systems, technical skills, and executive programs. Our trainings ensure expertise in safety and security as per relevant norms and standards.

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An inspection  agency was  setup by a group of industrialists. to  reduce accidents,  when a boiler explosion shook the industry way back in 1865. The idea was to subject boilers to regular inspections on a voluntary basis. These independent regional monitoring organizations in the form of associations were so successful in accident prevention that, from 1871, membership in such an association exempted them from inspection by a government inspector. Over a period of time many such agencies came up across industries.  TUV was an early example of a very successful privatization of regulatory and compliance inspections. Because they were so successful in preventing accidents in the rapidly developing  industries across sectors, they were entrusted with safety inspections in other technical fields, spawned a global industry. As a technical testing organization it offers a wide range of services with testing and certification as its main focus and also includes, auditing and certifying systems, technical advisory, product certification and inspection,  anticipate technological developments and facilitate change – defining standards and going beyond regulatory compliance.

TUV SUD started its training services through their certified training Centers to provide world class training that prepares the prospective client for jobs and placement in organization across the world in latest technologies and international recognition. The services of TUV SUD is recognized world over and any certification provided by TUV directly or through their training partners like Ambit Automation  provide more value to the prospective client. Since this organization is a world renowned body it is not possible to duplicate qualifications and the certificate can be verified online and doesn’t require any additional attestation or validation

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