17May 2023

Exploring Promising Career Opportunities in Logistics: An Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Parvathi Anand, Director of Ambit Automation

In this exclusive interview with Mrs. Parvathi Anand, Director of Ambit Automation, we explore the promising career opportunities in logistics and supply chain management. As a freelance career consultant journalist and concerned parent of a 12th-grade student, I had the privilege of gaining valuable insights from Mrs. Parvathi Anand. Discover the significance of logistics education, emerging industry trends, and the advantages of pursuing logistics courses at Ambit Automation. Get ready for an engaging conversation that unveils the exciting prospects awaiting aspiring professionals in the dynamic world of logistics.

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05Jul 2022

Short-term courses & Job-oriented courses after plus two in Kerala

The most common way people give up their power is to think they have no choice. Most of the students believe that there are not many options to choose from after their 12th exam. Even if they find a variety of options, they feel confused about which one should I go for? or “What career …

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