Oil and Gas Field Preferred by Engineers

In this world the major developments relates to energy resources among this oil and gas have a lead role as its consumption  is very high among domestic as well as industrial sector. When the utilization increases simultaneously demand increases for commodity. In oilfield also the above criteria satisfy when energy consumption increases the exploration of energy resource like crude oil also increases, though the demand of engineers also amplify.

Where Engineers have the lead role in Oil & Gas sector?

Before going into the topic let us discuss about the myth behind oil &gas sector ,As far as industry oil is a byproduct of petroleum and it is viscous  in its nature, now gas this is also a byproduct of crude oil, one thing to notice is that whether this the only thing available in this sector (Yes or NO). No, There are lot of by products from crude oil is obtained during refining but unfortunately unawareness leads to a name called oil & gas and another face is this two things (oil & gas) reach to the public widely because the daily use of this commodity.

Now let us come to the engineering sector of oil & gas here engineers have lot of opportunities with very huge remuneration. They are highly paid because the skill for particular level of job is also very high and due to high chances of risk based work. In these sectors the engineers works as Process Engineers, Instrumentation engineers NDT engineers, Piping engineers, Electrical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers and so on.

How to get into oil field?

The oilfield is divided into three categories

UPSTREAM                                         RIG-ONSHORE OR OFFSHORE


DOWN STREAM                                REFINERY

In all streams the construction is a vital process though engineers involve from Designing to execution for the success of the project. So there is lot of opportunities especially for mechanical engineers.

In drilling operations, refining process, instruments installation and in safety is the important profile in oilfield for engineers.

Finally the job of oil field has most importance in safety, quality, testing, fabrication some add-on courses of mentioned topics will help the candidates to get awareness and which increases the job chances multiple time. Cracking the interviews is another advantage of these add-on courses.