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QA QC Course for Oil and gas industry is highly dynamic, offering  plenty of opportunities now as well as in future. Making these opportunities as an advantage, you need best skills related to this industry. By developing new proper skill and knowledge, you can book your opportunity wisely. This sector can be mainly divided into three. They are Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.  In every sector the role of trained professionals is essential. From Ambit Automation you will achieve excellent result and become skilled in QA QC NDT Piping inspections.

QA QC NDT Piping inspection course promotes essential knowledge and skill in the field of oil and gas especially PIPING INSPECTIONS and its related Inspections.  Our course mainly divided into Piping Inspection, Quality control, Quality assurance, Non-destructive testing, Industrial Safety etc… Piping Inspection professionals are responsible for different role in every aspect of oil and gas industries. It starts from piping supervisor to project engineer; Quality inspector is not only work in oil and gas industries they are the personals work in every industry. Their responsibility starts from purchasing department to service department in an industry. Quality assurance is a set of activities for ensuring quality in the process by which product are developed.  Non -destructive testing is a method of testing the product without affecting the product.  It includes Visual inspection, radiography, ultrasonic testing, etc… and its documentation. Industrial safety refers to the management of all operations and events within an industry in order to protect its employees and assets by minimizing hazards, risks, accidents, and near misses.

Our course QA QC NDT Piping Inspection is mainly intended the knowledge and skill in the oil and gas field. It provides not only through theoretical section but through training and practical. International certifications help candidates to assure their position in large oil and gas industries in the world.

QA/QC/Inspection professionals in the oil and gas industry are responsible for a number of duties and work in every aspect of the industry. These individuals will make sure that equipment and parts are operating perfectly to meet the regulatory standards. Oil and gas engineers work in several areas of petroleum exploration and extraction. Typically, an oil and gas engineer specializes in one area, but needs to be mindful of the entire process since the engineering and production components work together.

Quality Assurance (QA) is a set of activities for ensuring quality in the processes by which products are developed. Quality Control (QC) is a set of activities for ensuring quality in products. Duties of a QA/QC Engineer are preparation of the project specific quality plan inspection, material reception, ongoing work inspection like visual check of welding and installation of equipment, motors, piping supports & fittings, hydro test pneumatic test till commissioning and also documentation of all of this.

Duration – 3 Months

The highly skilled trainer who is capable of quality NDT training, oil & gas Piping, mechanical QA/QC training with 100% placement assistance. We conduct regular training, crash course, short-term training & 3 months training. Check out the syllabus provided by AMBIT before getting admission.



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