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Electrical Installation Course provides detail study about industrial and Domestic wiring. Most of the system what we were Seen were electrically energized. In such case we were yet to provide a detailed and clear idea how this electrical system was get existed and how we need to design such and install those in an effective way.

The course has majorly 3 parts which were all name as Industrial, Domestical, and Stand-alone electrical system

Industrial Electrical System.

In industrial Electrical system we deal with how a Industrial electrical system gets designed and commissioned which include HT& LT wiring, MCC, ATC, APFC, GEN SYN, Transformer switching Panel, CB’s, Contactor, Relay, logical wiring (PLC wiring), Power and control wiring of Electrical panel, Power factor correction, Motor Starter, SLD, busbar, selection of equipment and so on. In simple word end to end element study not only in the level of theory or conceptual, which include practical portion too.

Domestical Electrical System

In Domestical Electrical system it starts form law out preparation to fitting of bulb in each point. which include lighting, provision of socket, points, Metering panel, MDB, SMDB, DB, MCB, eating junctions, power back up arrangements (UPS), load calculation, load seducing, circuit separation, wire size selection, Taking estimation and so on. in simple word through this course portion completion concern person get trained in complete span from a House electrician to an electrical engineer.

Stand-Alone System

In this stand-alone system design, most of cases we have to temporary or permanently set up an electrical system which may partial or fully independent from the grid. in that case this portion of course give a complete idea how a stand-alone system gets designed. which start from electrical energy generation to consumption unit. major portion what we deal in this area are PV, Invertor, GEN arrangement, earthing a separate system which in safety way without harming other devices.

Add this this all we do learn about all other span of electrical system equipment which are all involve in. protection safety measures, standards and codes, electrical equipment testing troubleshooting and so on.

 Job role After Completing The Course

This is a well-known profession for everyone. in that case there are plenty of opportunity for this vacancy where ever a entity deal with the electrical system then they need employee as follows electrical engineer, supervisors’ inspectors, Electrical technicians, System designer, system maintains engineer, project engineer and so on.

Typically, we all have several kinds of domestic system wiring which includes Electrical wiring for lighting and power distribution, permanently installed and portable appliances, telephone, heating or ventilation system control, and increasingly for home theater and computer networks. According to judicial act a person who have sound knowledge in Electrical system only able to install all this stuff. so, this course will be helping you to get an Electrical license too. Then u get eligible to work as a freelancer. Or under any Electrical contractor.


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